Healthcare Research 2010: Key findings and respondents

Our survey was carried out in April 2010, with analysis based on 642 responses from Employee Benefits readers and users of


  • 36% of employers have no idea how much is spent on healthcare benefits, compared with 28% in 2009.
  • 64% cite improving the health and wellbeing of staff as their number one objective in providing healthcare benefits.
  • 65% believe they are partly responsible for promoting wellness among their workers.
  • 84% cite minor ailments as a leading cause of sickness absence.
  • 69% of respondents rank sickness absence management schemes as the top way to reduce absence.
  • 61% do not have a specific strategy in place to combat stress in the workplace.
  • 71% offer workstation health audits as a core wellbeing perk to all.
  • 76% offer private medical insurance to expatriates, and 69% do so to their dependants.







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