Civil Aviation Authority hosts benefits awareness events

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently held employee benefit days to raise awareness of the benefits packages available and also to improve morale following a pay freeze in 2009.

The CAA held two benefit days at its main offices in London and Gatwick at the end of March, which were attended by almost 200 employees.

The days gave internal and external providers the opportunity to showcase schemes available while also raising their own profile. Attendees took part in prize draws and were offered blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol testing.

External companies included providers of healthcare schemes, private medical insurance, eyecare vouchers and cycle to work schemes. The CAA’s pension scheme, recreational society and occupational health service were among the internal providers.

The company produced a benefits brochure to support the days, which was distributed to attendees as well as employees in regional offices that were unable to attend. The brochure will also be given to new joiners to the company.

Alan Croxford, head of reward and employment relations at CAA, said: “We decided to go ahead [with the benefit days] because they were an opportunity to put out a positive message about the benefits available and, like everybody, it has been a tough year with pay freezes and cost savings initiatives.

“The days raised awareness of benefits not just for those who attended but also those that did not. A lot of information has got around through word of mouth, and access to the benefits brochures has raised the general knowledge and understanding of the benefits available.”

Prior to the events taking place, the CAA advertised the days through the HR intranet pages, posters on notice boards, and table talkers in the staff restaurant.

Having received positive feedback from both providers and employees, the CAA is hoping to hold similar days in the future.

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