Staff expect more employers to invest in health and wellbeing

Over half (56%) of employees expect their employers to invest in their health and wellbeing but just 16% of workers say their organisation has done so.

According to research by Bupa, Workplace Health: A Worthwhile Investment, 15% of employers offer private medical insurance to employees, 12% of employers provide advice and education about health issues, 9% carry out employee health surveys, and 6% allow time for people to exercise during the day.

The research found also almost half of UK employees (49%) have continued to work when unwell.

Almost a third of employees taking sick leave in the last 12 months have read (32%) and responded (28%) to work emails.

One in four (25%) have taken work-related calls and one in five have worked online. In addition, 2% have hosted meetings from their sick bed.

Dr Natalie-Jane Macdonald, managing director of Bupa Health and Wellbeing said: “Employers should be concerned about the number of people who continue to work when they are unwell, as this could lead to prolonged periods of absence due to a lack of time for recovery.

“With the number of workers with long-term conditions set to rise, there is an urgent need for employers to invest in supporting employee health and wellbeing to help them manage their conditions effectively.”

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