Half of employers do not plan to reduce company car costs

Almost half (47%) of UK organisations do not have a plan in place to reduce the costs of their company car fleet and have no intention of introducing a cost savings plan in 2010.

A Lex Autolease/YouGov survey of UK financial directors also revealed 21% of organisations have a plan in place to reduce company fleet costs, with 25% expecting to introduce a cost savings plan in 2010. Just 7% of respondents were unsure whether they had a plan in place at all.

Marcus Puddy, head of consultancy services at Lex Autolease, said; ”By not having an effective fleet strategy in place, UK businesses are missing a great cost-saving opportunity.

“By taking a more strategic view to fleet management, cost savings can be achieved which will ultimately have an impact on the company’s bottom line.

“Company car and van fleets are often non-core areas of organisational activity. They support the business and therefore reducing fleet costs may not necessarily be a key focus for directors and senior management, however,if addressed, the savings, depending on the size of fleet can be very substantial.”

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