Council to recruit wellbeing adviser to ensure staff take tea breaks

Elmbridge Borough Council has not underestimated the importance of the nation’s favourite hot beverage as it seeks to recruit a wellbeing adviser to ensure staff take time out for a tea break at work.

At a time when the government is making drastic cuts in public spending, the £30,000-plus post, designed to create a calming vibe and reduce sickness absence, could be seen as a little ambitious.

However, it is far from light and fluffy as the adviser is also responsible for workplace assessments, fire and bomb training, emergency planning and asbestos awareness. The role covers health and safety, not just in council offices, but also in day centres, parks and open spaces. 

A statement from the council added: “The role extends to protecting the safety of the public by carrying out fairground and steam fair safety inspections.”

After dealing with such a wide range of responsibilities, it will be the wellbeing adviser who will most in need of a cuppa. Let’s hope whoever takes on the role practices what they preach.

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