The Brookshire Grocery Company rewards staff that buy its food

The Brookshire Grocery Company has gone to extraordinary lengths to promote its brand among employees who will be rewarded with generous cash prizes if they can prove they are avid buyers of the firm’s products.

During the next three months the Texas-based firm will continue with its initiative, dubbed the ‘Partner Food Club Frenzy’. The company will visit the home of an employee selected at random to see how many of its Food Club brands they have purchased.

For every store brand item found the employee will receive $25 up to a maximum of $750. The winner will also receive $25 for displaying the company’s frequent shopper card.

In May, the grocery store’s first winner won $750 after 32 company-branded items were found in his home.

A statement from the firm said: “The Brookshire Grocery Company has conducted similar programmes for customers who are not employees in the past and decided to take it internally to better promote Food Club items and reward those who purchase store brands.”