Employee Benefits Awards 2009: Most effective motivation or incentive strategy (Sponsored by Accor Services)

Ladbrokes Football Frenzy

The judges were impressed with how Ladbrokes’ scheme fitted with the bookmaker’s culture and helped to engage staff with a key sporting area for the business. The judges also praised the reward programme for its well-thought-through communications and the element of fun it brought.

The scheme, designed to drive staff performance and service by incentivising employees during the latter part of the football season and Euro 2008 championships, ran from May to September 2008 as part of the company’s wider Serious About Service incentive scheme. Throughout the Football Frenzy programme, staff rewards were based on a number of factors, for example by demonstrating exceptional levels of service during mystery shopper visits, beating set targets for store turnover, and providing evidence of shop activities undertaken during the campaign, such as in-store promotions and event days. Each member of the team with the top-scoring activities in each region received £50 worth of retail vouchers. Shop teams were also asked questions relevant to the themes and aims of the campaign, with points awarded for correct answers. Staff who scored 100% entered a draw to win an extra day’s holiday.

Throughout the campaign, staff won £41,850 worth of retail vouchers and 120 extra days off. The points awarded to shop teams were also used as selection criteria for attending the company’s new Serious About Service awards in November 2008. At the event, staff were treated to hosted pods on the London Eye and spot prizes, such as football tickets, a digital camera and bottles of champagne.

Pictured: (From left) Ladbrokes staff Adrian Osman, head of customer insight and strategy, Sara Davies, HR director, reward, Nick Rolls, head of retail operations. Osman said: “If 10,000 staff get involved in the scheme, we must be doing something right!”


  • 3 Retail 3 Rewards Margin and Volume
    In its first month, 3 Retail’s new commission-based incentive scheme resulted in three of its stores delivering their best-ever single month’s performance. Under the mobile telecommunication operator’s new commission structure, 25% more staff have earned a commission payment. It has also had the unforeseen advantage of contributing to a reduction in absence levels.
  • Asda Instant Reward Cards (entered by Grass Roots)
    Asda provides instant reward and recognition for employees who deliver against its three key values of striving for excellence, respect for the individual and service to the customer. The retailer achieves this through a number of schemes, including on-the-spot reward cards, a higher-value golden reward card for the employee of the month, and seasonal Christmas rewards.
  • Boots Boots Customer Care Bonus
    The retailer’s incentive scheme is directly linked to customer feedback. A portion of every shop-based employee’s bonus is now based on the performance of their store in an ongoing customer satisfaction survey. The judges felt the scheme’s results showed a real impact on the business
  • BT Operate Smooth Operators (entered by Projectlink Motivation)
    BT Operate encourages employees to recognise colleagues’ achievements. All staff can send e-cards to peers in recognition of their behaviour and award up to £150 to any BT employee instantly. The company also makes awards for a role model of the month, as well as quarterly awards. Winners of both of these are then invited to an annual chief executive’s party.