Postal workers to strike again over pensions

Postal workers have voted in favour of industrial action because of the the proposed closure of their final salary pension scheme as well as post office closures and the threat to thousands of jobs.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents postal workers, held a ballot at its conference for industrial strikes and delegates voted unanimously in favour. The strikes have been time tabled “to maximise pressure on the company and the government.”

The CWU is also considering a high profile strike outside the Labour Party’s conference in Manchester in September.

Dave Ward, deputy general secretary of the CWU, called for Royal Mail chief executive Adam Crozier and chairman Allan Leighton to be sacked. He said:”Royal Mail is doing the Oliver Twist thing by asking the government for more money to pay for pensions and to transform the business.

“They want between £8bn and £9bn from the government, which they know will not be given, so they come out and say the only solution is privatisation.

“They are managing decline and their business plan will not succeed, but we have these people on the run and I am convinced that if we carry on being united we will get rid of them and come up with solutions to secure our members’ future.”