T-Mobile addresses drivers attitudes to keep them safe

T-Mobile believes it is not enough to impose rules and checks on employees, it also works on addressing driver beliefs and attitudes to help keep them safe.

The firm’s policies cover document checking, effective accident management and the use of mobile phones when driving.

But it also thinks more strategically. Frank Arthur, HR supplier manager at T-Mobile UK, explains: “We also have in-car driver training, and an online driving risk assessment, both of which are aimed at fundamentally changing drivers’ attitude and behaviour.” This year, the company also introduced a technological solution in the form of dashboard gadgetry for its 200 highest-mileage, highest-risk business drivers.

“The technology produces a driver-specific, post-trip safety analysis for every trip undertaken, which is available online and is only accessible by the driver, who then uses it for self assessment and critical analysis. We have seen a shift in the improvement of both drivers’ behaviour and overall safety in this group.” says Arthur.