Flexible hours take lead in latest raft of benefit additions

Over the past six months, 15% of employers hiring managers have introduced flexible hours as a benefit for their employees.

One in every 10 employers in this group has also introduced extra holiday to help staff achieve a good work-life balance, according to the Spring 2007 Robert Half UK employment index.

A further 11% of those hiring managers have introduced a pension scheme and put in place some sort of bonus structure, while the same percentage have launched a health insurance programme. Sticking with health, 8% of employers hiring managers have also introduced gym membership for their staff in the past six months.

More than half of employers said they do not offer a tailored benefits package and, instead, provide the same options to all staff. Just 13% of those hiring managers said they consult new employees in order to offer them a benefits package that suits their individual needs.

However, more than a third of respondents (36%) have a formal benefits package, which can be altered slightly to meet individual employees’ needs.

What benefits have employers introduced in the past six months?
Flexible hours 15%
Bonuses 11%
Pensions 11%
Health insurance 11%
Extra holiday 10%
Gym membership 8%
Source: Robert Half