Direct Communications uses online fleet risk tools to improve safety

Walkie-talkie supplier Direct Communications has used online fleet risk tools to improve safety, and to reduce the number of accidents and the cost of insurance.

It needed to improve standards after two company cars were written off and four others were involved in incidents in 2005.

Fleet manager, Gavin Bailey, explains: “The accidents cost us more than £60,000 in damage alone. We knew there was going to be more focus by the government, police and HSE on reducing accidents and so action had to be taken.” As a result, it introduced an online risk management tool, provided by Drive Tech.

Since its introduction, it has only suffered two minor at-fault crashes and one other non-fault accident. It has also secured reduced insurance premiums from its insurer Zurich.

Now, all at-work drivers undergo an online risk assessment followed by on-the-road driver training for all employees designated as ‘high’ risk, such as young drivers, employees who have been involved in accidents and those with licence points.