Asperity expands perks offering with RewardFocus

Asperity Employee Benefits has added a new element to its voluntary benefits product that enables options to be tailored to suit employees’ personal profiles and preferences.

The free add-on, called RewardFocus, will be automatically added to existing schemes, as well as new ones that are taken out.

Staff who want to take advantage of the new product can complete an extended profile questionnaire on issues such as their preferences, hobbies and living situation, in order to give a clear idea about which benefits will be most relevant. Employees will still be able to access the entire range of available perks, but promotion materials will be tailored to include those deemed most suited to their profile.

To incentivise staff to complete the profile questionnaire, Asperity is offering a £5 bonus that can be redeemed through its voluntary benefits website.

Glenn Elliot, managing director at the benefits firm, said: “RewardFocus ensures that all employees have access to all of the voluntary benefits on offer, but that the ones most likely to be of interest to them are highlighted, and the ones least likely to be are not.”