Thomson Holidays launches electronic scratch card incentives

Thomson Holidays is to launch an electronic scratch card incentive scheme to motivate its sales team.

The bespoke scheme for sales staff at the organisation, which is a division of TUI UK, will give successful employees the opportunity to win Thomson holiday discounts with an online scratch-card game each time they successfully sell a reservation for the chosen promotional holiday.

A confirmation code will be sent to employees on making a sale, which will give them access to a dedicated intranet site where they can play the scratch card game to be in with a chance of winning an incentive reward. The scheme has been designed by Michael C Fina, a global reward and recognition company.

Scott Baily, sales campaign manager at Thomson, said: “We expect that the scratch card will really appeal to our staff and encourage them to fully engage with the incentive programme. The excitement and element of risk that this format offers should see everyone motivated to keep making sales so that they have more chance to win. Successful sales staff can log into the site and claim a reward instantly.”