Few employers check company car drivers’ licences

Only 21% of organisations check company car drivers’ licences on an annual basis, according to Bank of Scotland’s Company car driver report 2005 survey.

And more than one-third (37%) have never checked the licences of staff.

The research by the fleet management provider also shows that 51% of company car drivers are not penalised by their employer when responsible for accident damage and 84% of organisations have no policy on driver training.

If employers instilled more controls in areas such as these they could reduce accidents and penalty points, which are likely to be increasing their insurance premiums.

These figures are particularly surprising considering the fact that the amount of business miles driven is increasing, as is the time spent driving for work by status drivers.

This year, drivers averaged 17,500 annual business miles, compared with 14,320 in 2002. Status drivers also saw the amount of miles driven in the last year increase by 35%, from 6,400 miles to 8,653 miles.

Some 59% of all drivers think that 80mph should be made the new speed limit, agreeing with latest figures from road safety group the AA, and this increases to 64% when looking at female company car drivers.

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