US maritime organisation introduces 12 weeks of paid parental leave


Marine transportation and logistics organisation Crowley Maritime Corporation has introduced a new parental leave policy to allow its US-based staff to take 12 weeks of leave at full pay.

The new benefit will enable full-time, shore-based US employees who have at least one year of service to take 12 weeks of fully-paid leave to care for a new child. The policy applies to birth mothers, employees who are spouses or committed partners of a birth mother, adoptive parents, and employees who are welcoming a child on a foster placement.

The paid parental leave policy has been implemented in order to help the organisation attract and retain talent, and develop its reputation as an employer of choice.

Crowley, which has approximately 5,300 employees, also aims to support employee wellbeing and family health through the new benefit.

Tom Crowley (pictured), chairman and chief executive officer at Crowley Maritime Corporation, said: “We know that becoming a new parent is a watershed event in the lives of our employees. This policy demonstrates that our [organisation] is committed to supporting employees so they may develop their careers while supporting their health and families.

“Not only is a family-friendly environment valued by employees, it also makes our [organisation]better by increasing engagement, motivation and productivity.”