German employee swims 2km to work


Something for the weekend: The daily commute to and from work can have a significant impact on an employee’s overall wellbeing, whether they arrive at work stressed due to train delays or unexpected traffic on the road, or they get home feeling unwell after overheating on a stuffy tube carriage. One German employee, however, has learnt how to bypass the usual commuting complaints by swimming to work.

Benjamin David takes the unusual commuting route of swimming 2km along the Isar River in Munich, Germany, according to a report on BBC Capital. The avid swimmer packs his laptop and work attire into a waterproof bag that he carries on his back, before diving into the local river to avoid traffic on the nearby roads in rush hour.

Depending on the weather, David will don either swimming trunks or a long wetsuit, and he always wears rubber sandals to help protect his feet from general river debris.

Here at Employee Benefits, we admire David’s energetic commute, but we think we might skip a dip in the River Thames as our mode of travel…