25% cite a company car as the deciding factor when taking a job


A quarter (25%) of employee respondents cite access to a company car as the deciding factor when taking a job, according to research by vehicle supply organisation OSV.

Its survey of 676 employees and 180 employers also found that 54% of employee respondents view a company car as the best benefit an employer could offer.

The research also found:

  • 22% of employee respondents have declined a job offer because it did not include a company car.
  • 47% of employee respondents believe that being given the opportunity to drive a car they would not normally aspire to is one of the main attractions of having a company car.
  • 10% of employer respondents plan to invest more into their fleet of cars during the next financial year.

Debbie Kirkley, joint-company director at OSV, said: “We’ve always believed that it’s worth going the extra mile to secure the right person for the job, so it’s really interesting to see that a company car now holds such pulling power.

“We’ve looked at this subject in the past, and the draw of a good company vehicle has increased by 21% in the last year alone. That’s really quite staggering, and it would be fascinating to find out what has motivated this change.

“Whatever the reasons behind the draw towards company cars, it seems that few employers appreciate the increasing importance of their fleet when it comes to attracting talent, given that so few are prepared to invest in upgrading their vehicles this year. I wonder if that will change too, as competition for talent acquisition hots up in the wake of Brexit.”