Santa Clauses convene in Copenhagen

Santa Claus

Something for the weekend: Although the sun may be (temporarily!) shining, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun in Denmark, which hosted the annual World Santa Claus Congress this week.

Between 18 and 20 July 2016, Santas from around the world gathered in Bakken amusement park, north of Copenhagen, in full costume in order to share tricks of the trade and socialise with global colleagues.

The three-day event included parades in the Danish capital, where Santas gave out candy canes and spread festive cheer.

The Santas also battled it out in more physical challenges such as an obstacle course, as well as enjoying local sightseeing, taking a foot bath in the sea (in full Santa swimwear attire), and Christmas cake baking.

The ‘Christmas in July’ event allows Santas to catch up away from the hectic December period. Numerous pixies and elves were also in attendance.

At Employee Benefits, we hope the event has enhanced the Santas’ wellbeing and motivated them to perform at their best this Christmas…