Portus Consulting issues Fitbits to staff

Portus Consulting has issued free Fitbit fitness bands to each of its 40 employees. 


The initiative, which launched in June 2015, aims to increase engagement and corporate wellness.

Employees have the option to upgrade to models that track heart rates and sleep patterns, as well as the opportunity to purchase devices for their partners and family members.

While the organisation is not monitoring staff performance, it has noticed a positive impact on behaviour since the scheme’s launch.

Dave Middleton (pictured), chief executive officer at Portus Consulting, said: “A few of us in the business had been using one and we thought it would be good to offer them to staff to help promote health and wellness.

“It is amazing the amount of interest it creates within the office and how it has changed behaviour.

“People have been going out for walks at lunchtime and when they are out in the city they will often walk between appointments to ensure they reach their step targets.

“Even people working at home say having the Fitbit means they will get up and go for a walk rather than sit at their desk all day.”