Carlsberg UK introduces financial education


EXCLUSIVE: Carlsberg UK has introduced a financial education and wellness programme for its 900 employees in an attempt to develop their overall wellbeing.

The brewing firm already has an employee wellness programme in place, which includes health checks and assessments and health insurance. It has now added financial education to complete its holistic wellness benefits package.

Implemented through Nudge Global, the programme’s technology will integrate with the organisation’s benefit platforms to provide employees with personalised financial education, as well as personalised promotion of other employee benefits.

This follows Carlsberg refreshing its flexible benefits programme in April 2015.

Nick Court, compensation and benefits manager at Carlsberg UK, said: “Over the past 12 months we’ve worked hard to review, refresh and relaunch our benefits package and for us, wellness is a key component as it provides a true ‘win win’ for us and our staff.

“Wellness is about more than just healthy living, it’s also about managing stress so for many people, their finances are intrinsic to their overall wellness.

“We are confident that by providing our employees with the tools to better understand and manage their finances alongside our other wellness initiatives, their overall wellness will improve. We will be actively tracking the success of this programme.”