9% gender pay gap in digital industry


Women working in the digital industry earn 9% less than their male counterparts on average, according to research by digital recruitment agency The Candidate.

Its Women in digitareport, which surveyed 200 men and women in low to mid-level digital roles, also found that 80% of the top salaries in the sector are given to men.

The national average salary gap stands at 9.4%.

The research also found:

  • 44% of male respondents earn a salary in the range of £21,000-£30,000.
  • 43% of female workers earn less than £20,000.
  • Although male respondents receive an average salary 9% higher than women, they demand 17% more.

Brian Matthews (pictured), managing partner at The Candidate, said: “The wage gap within the digital industry is closing and while, at 9%, it is 0.4% less than the national average, there is still a way to go until gender equality is reached.

“More positively, although the report showed that more men are paid in a higher salary bracket, an attributing factor to this is the rise in women moving into the digital industry on entry level salaries.

“This is extremely promising. The rise of women entering the sector can only be a positive step.”