DOD’s blog: Summer treats cause a stir

Debi O'Donovan editor Employee Benefits 2013

Yesterday morning the news flew through our offices that free ice creams were on offer outside in the hot summer sunshine.

Staff vacated their desks at such speed there was a danger of being crushed in the rush. It certainly did not mirror the reluctant dispersal in the fire drill earlier in this week.

You would think that none of us could afford the quid or so for such icy treats. But of course, that wasn’t the point.

It was a free treat that someone took the time to give us (thanks to the Facebook marketing team’s #FBSummer campaign).

It was also a pleasant reminder that it is the little treats that count and the impact can far outweigh the cost.

This is gratifying for reward and benefits managers trying to get more bang for their buck.

Small recognitions and well timed gifts for staff should never be underestimated.

We all know this, but regular reminders (just like saying thanks and praising staff) are always a good thing.

Debi O’Donovan


Employee Benefits 

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