Benefits for the world’s worst jobs


Something for the weekend…

Whatever you might think of your job and the benefits that come with it, perhaps spare a thought for someone who actually gets paid to watch grass grow.

Some of the world’s other worst jobs, according to a list compiled by The Daily Mirror, include armpit sniffer, pet food taster and, yes, a whale snot collector.

But what if these horrid jobs came along with the world’s best benefits?

An armpit sniffer might get satisfaction from knowing he or she is rewarded with physical therapy, such as nose massages to keep their sense of smell productive.

A pet food taster could be offered free chewing gum or other tasty treats to offset distasteful dog treats.

And how about the whale snot collector? Well, he or she might just be motivated by the simple benefit of a free wash.

But while you have read this, the grass has grown a little longer for one employee. At least he or she gets to spend their working day outdoors.