Royal baby would mean lower pay rise for staff

Something for the weekend …

As the hubbub around the royal baby continues, it’s time to take stock and reflect upon our new prince.

Isn’t it great we have a future king? Aren’t we all pleased for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

But, according to research by Aalborg University in Denmark, the University of Maryland and Columbia Business School in the US, the gender of the royal newborn would not be the best news were Wills a chief executive officer (CEO).

This found that, while male CEOs generally pay their employes less generously after the birth of a child, if they have a daughter this has less of a negative influence on wages than if they have a son. Meanwhile, male CEOs were found to pay themselves more after fathering a child, particularly if they have fathered a son.

On the flip side, the researchers also found that chief executives pay £65 more per year to their employers with children, and even more if that child is a daughter.

So employees who know their CEO’s partner is expecting should be crossing their fingers for a girl.