Bausch and Lomb hosts wellness day

Bausch and Lomb hosted its first in-house wellness day to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours among its 120 staff.

The global eyecare organisation held a series of health promotions and interactive activities at its UK headquarters in Kingston-upon-Thames.

The wellness event included a health-check kiosk where employees could test their body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol, a smoothie bike challenge and a relaxation room.

To encourage commitment to their personal wellbeing, employees were encouraged to enter an iPledge photobooth to make a healthcare pledge, which could then be uploaded to their social networking profiles.

Employees were also incentivised to improve their overall health by engaging in a vitality programme, with the opportunity to build up reward points in return for making healthy lifestyle choices, such as not smoking.

Supporting smoking cessation is a key focus for Bausch and Lomb, and it is committed to becoming a tobacco-free workplace by January 2014.

Dave Exall, vice president, customer services and IT, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), who leads the UK headquarters, said: “As a health-focused employer, our ethos is to create a culture of health within the workplace, encouraging our employees to take positive actions around their own health. 

“Our workplace wellness fair was a fun way to present employees with the opportunity to learn more about their vital statistics and explore what small changes they can make every day that will have a positive effect on their lifestyles.”