Poll: 29% believe financial benefits motivate employees most

employee benefits motivate employees

Employee Benefits poll: More than a quarter (29%) of respondents believe that financial benefits, such as employee share schemes, motivate employees the most.

A straw poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 143 responses, also found that 25% of respondents think that holiday purchase is the employee benefit that most motivates staff, while 22% state that health and wellbeing benefits are the most motivational for employees.

17% of respondents cite family-friendly initiatives as the benefit most likely to motivate employees, compared to 6% who feel that retail discounts and cashback provide the most motivation for staff.

A report published in June 2018 by HR management software provider ADP, The workforce view in Europe 2018, found that of the 9,908 employees surveyed across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, 47% of respondents are motivated and engaged by pay and remuneration, compared to 22% who are most motivated by having a good work-life balance and 18% who find praise and recognition from management as the component that motivates them the most.

Only 6% of overall respondents claim that nothing motivates or engages them. Under half (45%) of female respondents are motivated by money, compared to 50% of male respondents.