Direct Line Group extends family-friendly benefits for 10,000 staff

Simon-Linares Direct Line Group

Insurance organisation Direct Line Group has today (Thursday 26 July 2018) extended its family-friendly benefits for 10,000 UK-based employees.

The organisation’s maternity and adoption benefit will now enable eligible employees to take up to 20 weeks of fully paid leave, as well as an additional 12-week phased return-to-work period, also fully paid. This has been designed to support employees as they transition back into the workplace at a pace that suits them and their new family.

Previously, Direct Line Group offered up to 12 weeks of maternity and adoption leave at full pay.

Direct Line Group has also enhanced its shared parental leave benefit, moving from the statutory minimum provision to now match the maternity benefit and offer co-parents up to 20 weeks of leave at full pay. Parental leave has also been extended to provide not only the standard four weeks of leave per child, but also per grandparent or other relative who needs support.

Furthermore, the organisation has introduced lifestyle leave. This offers up to 12 months of leave to allow employees to undertake opportunities that align with their passions and interests; this might facilitate volunteering and travelling, further extending maternity leave, or completing re-training courses.

These improved family-friendly benefits are applicable for all permanent employees, subject to length of service. The launch will be accompanied by content including role models and examples of modern families and lifestyles.

Simon Linares (pictured), HR director at Direct Line Group, said: “At Direct Line Group, we encourage our people to bring all of themselves to work and we are very proud of the diverse and inclusive culture this has created. That’s why we’ve designed a set of new policies which offer all our people, whether they be mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers or those looking to pursue a dream or a new challenge, the flexibility and support at work to do the things that matter to them outside of work.

“We know that successful businesses are the ones that offer greater flexibility and take meaningful steps to help people achieve this. I’m sure that this package will make a real difference to many of our people.”