Asda makes savings with company car scheme

Asda introduced a company car scheme in 2011, encouraging employees to take up the scheme rather than than receive a cash allowance to use their own cars.


The retailer has more than 150,000 staff and introducing the scheme, provided by Zenith, has helped the organisation and its employees to save on car running costs.

To date, Asda has saved about £6,000 per company car compared to the cost of providing a cash allowance. Savings are made on fuel, insurance and maintenance costs.

Jane Earnshaw, senior director of reward at Asda, says: “The savings we have made on running costs have enabled us to put money back into the company car scheme, to improve the quality of cars on offer that are tax-efficient.”

Asda has worked to raise staff awareness of how to make savings on car running costs by communicating the benefits of the scheme and the use of a cash calculator, which shows employees where savings on the car can be made.

The online calculator demonstrates the costs of the driver’s chosen car and highlights potential expenditure. 

“There is a lot of information available for employees on things such as fuel, to make sure the car is sustained for fuel economy, as well as on tyres, and other simple tips,” says Earnshaw. “Staff also get a reminder when the car needs servicing.

“This all helps reduce car running costs, but we want to tell employees that it is preventative rather than a cure. It is about making staff aware of the savings they can make on an expensive benefit.”

Asda has also worked to raise awareness of driver safety by setting up a risk committee, with representatives from across the organisation, which meets regularly to raise the awareness about, and the cost implications of, accidents.

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Earnshaw adds: “Every organisation has a challenge on cost control and wants to improve and save where possible.

“The key for us is that the savings made have helped us be more streamlined and more efficient, with everything now being online. There is less administration, but we have also improved the duty of care on us as an employer and significant savings have been made on car running costs.”