Attorney asks for trial to be a moveable feast to attend Hemingway contest

However keen employers are to promote a good work-life balance among staff, scheduling holidays around business needs can be tricky at times, and in some cases, simply not possible.

Attorney Frank Louderback experienced just this when he asked for a murder trial to be suspended so he could enter an Ernest Hemingway look-a-like contest in Key West, Florida.  

In the trial, which will begin on 9 July, Louderback will be representing a man accused in a murder-for-hire plot.

However, the look-a-like contest takes place on 21 July, and Louderback has petitioned United States court judge Steven Merryday for the trial to be suspended to give him enough time to drive to Key West to participate.

Unfortunately for Louderback, it was not a case of a farewell to the trial as Judge Merryday denied him the suspension, but did wish the attorney luck in next year’s contest.

Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times, Louderback said: “It will give me another year to get older, fatter and greyer.”

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