PMI Health Group research: Employers unaware of legal obligations to staff using display screen equipment

Nearly a third of organisations are unaware of their legal obligations to staff using display screen equipment (DSE).

The research, commissioned by PMI Health Group, found that 28% of employers did not know they were responsible for looking after the health of their staff that use DSE.

Over half (53%) of respondents said staff had taken time off work in the last 12 months with musculoskeletal problems, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), back pain or neck problems.

Mary Watson, physiotherapist at PMI Health Group, said: “Display screen equipment such as computer workstations may often be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pains, fatigue and eyestrain.

“The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations were introduced specifically to protect the health of people who work with DSE.

“A few simple precautions, such as setting up workstations correctly, can have an impact upon employee comfort, productivity and, in some cases, levels of absenteeism.

“For office staff, the most important preventative factors for DSE-related health problems are good sitting posture and regular breaks from DSE usage.

“To encourage good posture, regular users should use docking stations (and hence regular keyboards and screens), and employers should note those who work from home are also entitled to workstation assessments within their home environments.”

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