Pentland Brands reduces fuel use by 16%

Pentland Brands has cut tens of thousands of pounds from its fleet budget and reduced fuel use by 16% after withdrawing its private fuel benefit.

The brand management company behind global brands such as Speedo, Mitre and Berghaus used The Miles Consultancy’s (TMC) mileage audit system to gather the critical fuel cost data it needed to make the change.

Pentland estimates that withdrawing private fuel benefit and implementing the TMC fuel and mileage reporting system will deliver a six-figure annual cost saving across its fleet of 120 cars.

Steve Osborne, Pentland Brands’ fleet manager, said: “When TMC demonstrated its mileage audit system it was a real eureka moment for us.

“It meant we would be able to do the very accurate personal calculations needed to sell the change to the drivers and demonstrate the savings to the business because we would have the factual information.”

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