Cable and Wireless includes staff in charitable foundation

Cable and Wireless Worldwide is aiming to engage its 6,500 international employees and reinforce its corporate social responsibility profile with the launch of a charitable foundation.

The Cable and Wireless Worldwide Foundation, which was launched in June, is aimed at enhancing the lives of those with special needs through communications, as well as working with experts to understand how people’s lives can be enhanced. Staff also have the opportunity to build partnerships with relevant organisations.

Once the foundation’s management team has short-listed charities to appoint to the foundation, staff will be voting for their preference. Staff will also be enlisted to come up with the foundation’s brand name.

Tracy O’Brien, head of corporate responsibility at Cable and Wireless Worldwide and chair of the foundation management team, said: “This demonstrates our commitment to the foundation being an employee-led initiative.”

Cable and Wireless currently has various payroll giving schemes in place for UK staff, such as give-as-you-earn and the opportunity for staff to sacrifice part of their bonus. In September, a new scheme will be launched where money can be donated off monthly salary.

O’Brien adds: “These schemes are currently only available in the UK but we will be exploring ways to enable staff to give through these schemes globally.

“As the foundation evolves, we expect to recruit into the all-staff foundation management team. We want as many employees as possible to have the opportunity to get involved.”

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