Case Study: Metaswitch

Communications technology firm Metaswitch rewards employees who go the extra mile with treats such as vouchers for meals for two.

The company, which has 540 staff, gives newlyweds wine glasses and new parents bouquets of flowers. There are also bottles of champagne at long-service milestones. All new joiners receive a bag of Metaswitch goodies, comprising a branded sports bag, folder and pen.

Justine McLennan, personnel and recruitment manager, says: “We have learned that gestures of this sort can have a very positive effect on an individual or team. When combined with a hands-on, collaborative management style and our suite of more expensive benefits, it creates an effective mechanism to make employees feel appreciated and rewarded.”

McLennan says it is crucial to make sure gifts are dealt out fairly. “Provide clear guidance to managers so that the policy is applied equitably, and with sound and consistent judgement,” she adds.

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