Airbus launches flexible benefits for management staff

Airbus has launched a flexible benefits scheme for its 1,000 management staff in a drive to be a competitive employer and to incentivise other employees to progress within the company.

The aircraft manufacturer will see the final introduction phase completed by mid-July, when the Vebnet-provided flex scheme is fully processed through its payroll system. All eligible staff, who receive a flex allowance worth £150 a month, selected benefits by the beginning of June.

Airbus automatically signed staff up for private medical insurance (PMI), whether they chose other perks or not. They were given the option to opt out of this arrangement, which was put in place after a staff survey.

Stephen Dumbleton, reward manager at Airbus, said: “We ran feedback sessions with our managers. The one thing there was 100% consensus on in those feedback sessions was PMI.

“Before we launched flex, we did not have much difference between this management population and the grade immediately below. We are trying to have differentials all the way through, so those below this management population have a real incentive to progress.”

The scheme was introduced after a market review showed how Airbus compared with its rivals in pay and benefits.

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