Workplace Options launches new employee absence tracking tool

A new tool to reduce unplanned absences and manage employee productivity has been launched by Workplace Options.

The employee assistance programme (EAP) provider has launched the web-based application to counter the cost of the impact of sickness absence on businesses.

According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), employees took 180 million sick days in 2009, costing employers £16.8 billion.

Workplace Options is integrating its absence tracking tool with its EAP offerings to allow clients to rack and review employee absence trends and identify opportunities to proactively support their staff when problematic absences arise.

Alan King, president and chief operating officer at Workplace Options, said: “Absenteeism has an even wider impact on businesses than the cost of lost productivity.

“When an employee has an unplanned absence, workflow is disrupted and additional work often lands in the laps of colleagues, resulting in disgruntled staff. Customer service and teamwork can also suffer.

“Implementing a tracking tool helps companies manage and control absences so that absences don’t manage and control their businesses.”

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