Property and construction workers hit the bottle to cope with stress

Property and construction workers are more likely than any other professional to turn to drink to cope with stress, according to a survey from Medicash.

Of the workers in the industry, 47%, five times more than most other industries, admitted to being so strung out at the end of the day that they needed a beer to help them to relax.

The research also found that construction workers suffer the highest rate of sickness absence, with half of respondents saying they had called in sick twice during the last month.

Sue Weir, chief executive of Medicash said: “The survey results indicate a worrying reliance on alcohol to help cope with stress for many in the construction industry. This, coupled with the fact that many in the industry operate outdoors in physically demanding roles, could go some way to explaining the high rate of sickness absence.

“Whatever your profession it’s important to find ways to cope with work pressure. The occasional drink aids relaxation but relying on alcohol to help you unwind can lead to long term problems.

“With many Britons clearly experiencing unacceptable levels of stress at work, adopting a preventative approach to healthcare, exercising regularly and eating healthily all have a real role to play in helping to redress the balance.”

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