Peoplevalue launches new employee reward and recognition service

Peoplevalue has launched an employee reward and recognition impact and effectiveness review service.

Its eRewardInsight service will help employers structure an employee reward and recognition scheme prior to its introduction to ensure it is aligned with business objectives.

It will also give employers an insight into the functioning of existing reward and recognition schemes, with a view to giving feedback on performance against stated goals and provide guidance as to how programmes could be improved.

The service, which will be delivered in conjunction with ER Consultants, looks at the response to a programme by the participants and to establish if the programme is generating the desired behavioural response from the employee population.

Mike Morgan, chief executive officer at Peoplevalue, said: “We are being asked by more and more organisations to not just set up an employee reward and recognition scheme, but also to review its performance and its impact on the participants.

“To deliver a comprehensive service we have teamed up with ER Consultants, which has over 30 years experience of specialising in behavioural change, helping companies transform their organisations by aligning strategy, structure and people.”

Chris Legge, principal consultant at ER Consultants, added: “Employee reward and recognition schemes can have a very powerful and positive impact on an organisation’s performance.

“However it is important an organisation understands their impact not least in terms of participants’ behaviour. Understanding this can, in turn, lead to tuning and improving the effectiveness of a scheme such that it is closer aligned to the organisation’s goals and objectives.”

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