National Grid switches flexible benefits providers

National Grid has switched flexible benefits providers.

The energy company has moved to Vebnet and hopes to increase take up with a fresh approach to benefits and communication.

National Grid’s annual renewal for its flexible benefits plan is 1 December so the company is going through a transition period with Vebnet from 1 July, during which its scheme will remain the same. Employees will receive a newsletter informing them about the transition.

National Grid has also conducted an online survey among employees asking their opinion of its current flexible benefits plan. On the back of this feedback, it is hoping to implement a number of changes later in the year. These include the possibility of offering gym memberships and breast screening through flex.

One of the most popular benefits in its current plan is the personal computer option, which has 20% take up. The company will now be looking to expand the range of computers available following employees’ suggestions in the survey.

Caroline Adams, employee benefits manager at National Grid, said: “Vebnet’s website offers a lot of opportunities to freshen up our scheme and make it much easier for employees to find the information they need and select their benefits online.

“It is a much fresher approach then we have previously had, and with the newsletter and website, we are hoping to increase our take up.”

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