Mental Workout launches online tool to reduce employee stress

Mental Workout has launched a new web-based stress management programme for employees to help employers increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Its Freedom from Stress programme offers strategies and exercises for eliminating stress and enhancing overall wellbeing, which can be downloaded to a mobile device, computer or CD.

Employees can complete a personal stress evaluation with progress tracker to measure improvements, a stress journal to identify personal stress triggers, tips for dealing with stressful situations and suggestions for lifestyle changes.

Mickey Beyer-Clausen, founder and chief exceutive of Mental Workout, said: “Many employers underestimate how much their employees suffer from the effects of stress.

“There is a strong economic case for minimising work-related stress. Absenteeism, lost productivity and employee turnover are just a few of the many areas where stress has a significant financial impact on businesses.”

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