Healix to offer discounted gym memberships to healthcare trust clients

Healix has partnered with Nuffield Health to offer discounted gym memberships to employees of its healthcare trust clients.

As part of the healthcare trust provider’s package, a company’s employees will be able to access health and fitness services at no additional cost to the employer.

Employees will have discounted membership at any of the 51 Nuffield Health and Wellness centres, and access to gyms, relaxation spas and health assessments.

Steve Hook, sales and marketing director, Healix Health Services, said: “There is no question that prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to health and wellbeing.

“By giving employers the ability to offer discounted access to health and wellbeing facilities to their staff, this could play an important role in achieving that.

“And as well as being a complementary part of the Healthcare Trust schemes that we set up, it could also help employers reduce their overall costs of employee healthcare as well as reduce sickness absence levels.”

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