German policeman rewarded for getting dressed

Getting dressed for work presents such a challenge for some employees that they might joke they should be rewarded for it by their employers.

This is no pipe dream for a German policeman who has won the right to count the time he spends getting in and out of his uniform as part of his working day, after taking his case to an administrative court in Munster, north-west Germany.

Martin Schauder, who claims it takes him 15 minutes to get dressed in the morning, has earned an extra week of holiday or the equivalent amount of pay every year.

According to the Guardian he told the court: “If my shift starts at 1pm, say, I am expected to be completely fitted out then, including my pistol, handcuffs and reserve weapon, otherwise I face being cautioned.”

The policeman’s uniform also includes a regulation undershirt, one pair of trousers, belt-holding truncheon, handcuffs, weapon and gas cannister, overshirt , tunic boots, gloves and protective knee pads (when on riot duty).

It is unclear whether Schauder will will receive a back payment for the full 28 years has been with the force, or more than six months’ holiday.

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