Corpore launches health service to reduce staff absence

Rehabilitation and injury management company Corpore has launched new health services to help employers reduce staff absence levels.

It has launched fit note coaching to manage the an employee’s return to work, and is broadening its health surveillance services to include pre-employment and workplace screening, lung screening and drug and alcohol testing.

The extension of Corpore’s corporate health services follows a period of consultation with employers and insurers, and the replacement of sick notes with fit notes in April this year.

Yvonne Lane, business development manager at Corpore, said: “Occupational health has tended to focus on screening and wellbeing programmes within risk management, while sometimes neglecting return to work.

“Fit notes will have a positive impact on claims, as they aim to ensure GPs understand their patients and the circumstances of their employment. This responsibility will encourage a more open dialogue between all parties involved and ensure employers can return employees to work at the earliest opportunity.

“Fit notes will reduce the cost of absence for businesses, but managers need to know how to act.”

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