BBC senior executives see pay rise despite promises of a curb in the pay bill

Senior executives at the BBC received pay rises last year despite promises of a reduction in the pay bill and an executive board pay freeze over three and a half years.

The broadcaster’s annual report stated that the executive board received a total of just under £4.77 million in 2009-2010, up from just over £4.6 million the year before.

In February 2009, the BBC Trust outlined a challenge to the executive board to reform the broadcaster’s approach to pay for senior management. In October 2009, following discussion with the board, they announced a new strategy to significantly reduce the pay bill for senior management.

In the BBC Executive Remuneration Review, the Trust promised key elements in the BBC’s pay reform including: a 25% reduction of the senior management pay bill over three and a half years; an executive board pay freeze for a further three and a half years; indefinite suspension of bonuses; senior management/directors pay freeze and suspension of bonuses for a further two years; and a new pay strategy for senior management across the BBC.

However, the BBC’s total pay bill rose by £9 million to £1.012 billion last year, while the number of employees earning more than £100,000 rose from 308 to 313.

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