ING Direct is reviewing its flexible benefits scheme

ING Direct is reviewing its flexible benefits scheme to ensure it continues to be relevant for its workforce and increases levels of employee engagement.

The firm has awarded Aon Consulting a 12-month contract to provide consultancy, benefit broking and communication services for its flex scheme Pick & Mix.

In addition, measures will be taken to ensure the firm can gauge return on investment, which can be seen in increased levels of employee engagement or a drop in staff absence levels.

Lorna Benton, head of compensation and benefits, at ING Direct said: “The health and wellbeing of our staff is an extremely high priority for us, so the innovation in this field Aon Consulting was able to demonstrate was extremely impressive. As well, all too often flexible benefits are seen as a “soft” staff and retention tool, but Aon’s real world approach to measuring a benefits programme was a large part in this appointment.”

ING’s Pick & Mix scheme will continue to be hosted on the Vebnet technology platform.