Helphire staff vote to increase hours

More than 80% of employees at accident management company Helphire have elected to increase their contractual hours.

Employees were offered the opportunity to increase their hours from 35 to 37.5 hours a week, with their salary also being increased proportionately to reflect the change. Sean Morris, group HR compensation and benefits manager, said: “We had been operating a 35-hour week compared with an average in the UK of 37.5 hours. To start with we offered contracts for 37.5 hours to new joiners, but it then made sense to offer it voluntarily to all employees.”.

The option to increase hours was rolled out to all non-managerial employees who were given a deadline by which to make their decision.

Morris was particularly pleased with the take-up. “Although there was some resistance to the change, it was seen as a positive move by most employees. It has also helped to support our business in the current climate. The additional hours meant we were able to reduce the number of vacancies we had and there is also less need to offer over-time now,” he said.