Kellogg’s to serve healthier options in on-site canteens

Kellogg’s is making the meals in its on-site canteens healthier and raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating as part of a campaign to improve employees’ wellbeing.

The company, which employs about 2,000 staff in the UK, has enlisted one of its in-house nutritionists to improve the nutritional value of food provided for staff through catering suppliers. The move follows a review triggered by the company’s involvement in creating a health and wellbeing toolkit for employers in conjunction with Business in the Community.

The review highlighted the need for more healthy food in its canteens. Now only polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils will be used in foods and healthier spreads have been introduced. More free fruit will be also be made available.

The changes extend the company’s Fit for Life programme, which was organised in conjunction with the National Health Service (NHS) four years ago, and includes health screening and cholesterol tests. To raise awareness about healthy eating, Kellogg’s plans to use the Fit for Life logo on the healthiest food provided onsite.

Chris Wermann, corporate affairs director for the UK and northern Europe, said: “If people look at their diet as well as their activity levels, hopefully that will have an ongoing beneficial effect on things like blood pressure and cholesterol, which are some of the key issues around people’s health.”

Nicola Sullivan