Case study: Mintel researches perks’ spend

As well as tapping staff for their views, Steve Charlton, director of HR, benchmarks Mintel against the benefits offered by other employers. “We continuously check that we are offering the benefits that our employees want through an annual employee survey, as well as reviewing lists of most admired companies to see what they are doing,” he explains.

Mintel has more than 500 staff globally, with 266 based in the UK. Among the benefits on offer in the UK are childcare vouchers, bicycle loans, season ticket loans and life assurance.

One of the company’s most popular benefits, however, is a free breakfast for staff who get into work early, demonstrating that it is often the little things that hold the greatest appeal.

Charlton believes communication is vital. “We regularly remind employees that these benefits are available and
encourage as many people as possible to sign up to them,” he says.

His top tip for adding value to benefits is to keep it simple and relevant for staff. “You get more impact through offering one exciting benefit rather than lots of average regular benefits. Out of all the benefits we provide, the free breakfasts are definitely the most talked about,” he says.