Haringey Council introduces green perks

Haringey Council has purchased two electric-powered pool cars for council officers to use while they are travelling around the borough during the working day, in an effort to reduce the number of employees bringing their cars to work.

The cars will be parked and charged at the council’s headquarters, where employees must pay an annual fee of £200 if they want to park their cars.

As part of the environmental push, the council has also introduced a number of new pool bikes for employees to use to travel around during the working day, and organised discounts for staff at local bike shops.

It has also installed new shower facilities for employees and secure cycle parking at its main sites to encourage more employees to bike to work.

Going forward the council plans to purchase a third electric pool car for staff to use and to also launch a car club scheme so that more staff share a car if they need to get around during the working day, rather than each employee taking their own vehicle.