Equality Bill published

The Equality Bill, unveiled last month, will require employers to reveal details of the differences in salary between male and female staff. Harriet Harman, minister for equalities, said that it is hoped the bill will narrow the gender pay gap. She proposed five measures to help shrink the gender pay gap in the private sector, including outlawing clauses in employment contracts which forbid staff from disclosing salary details to one another. The bill will also lay down duties on the public sector to eliminate age discrimination.

Survivor’s benefit moveThe Department of Work and Pensions intends to amend the current Pensions Bill to abolish the requirement of protected rights to provide for a “survivor’s benefit”. The rule requires an individual with a spouse or civil partner to use any contracted-out rights in their pension pot to purchase a joint life annuity when they retire. The amendment is intended to simplify the pensions system.