Employers invite staff to air views

IBM and KPMG are using employees’ views to boost understanding of their benefits packages and drive take up.

IBM has invited all employees to attend focus groups, which will be held at its six major sites this month. It is particularly interested in hearing the views of staff who have previously complained about, or praised, the benefits on offer.

The company will also talk about the benefits it offers. Anne-Marie Falcus, benefits leader for UK, said: “We are trying to discover what staff want from the scheme, but also to find out whether they know what they have already.”

The focus groups will be followed by a survey in September. During its last flex year, 21% of IBM’s 18,000 staff made no changes to their flex package.

Meanwhile, KPMG is to survey its UK staff to find out which perks are in demand, and how best to communicate benefits. It is keen to hear graduates’ views after receiving complaints that its benefits package isn’t perceived to cater for this group. It also wants feedback on the effectiveness of a virtual roadshow, held last year.

Sara Turner, reward manager, said: “Graduates and younger staff don’t seem to think there is much in the flex plan for them, so this is a specific area we will target.”